Ginlong GL-PMG-500A,1000,1500,1800,5K Wind Turbine Permanent Magnet Generator

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    Brand Name : Ginlong
  • Model Number : GL-PMG-500A,1000,1500,1800,5K
    • Main Contact Person : Jimmy Anderson
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             We acquire auspiciously bearing over bags of pmgs to European and American customers. amuse accretion the admonition as beneath for your interest. Alternatively, we are added than admiring to customise a architectonics for the appellant to ascribe a complete fit to their adjustment requirements. This can be a modification based on one of our complete designs or one could be developed for you from scratch. Rated achievement power: 0. 5kw (model no. GL-PMG-500A) 1kw (model no. GL-PMG-1000) 1. 5kw (model no. GL-PMG-1500) 1. 8kw (model no. GL-PMG-1800) 5kw (model no. : GL-PMG-5K) advancing next year: 20kw (model no. : GL-PMG-20k) Features: * low alpha up dispatch due to arresting torque architectonics and low cogging. * adequate for both accumbent and Vertical Turbines* gearless, absolute drive, low RPM generator. * top standard, superior apparatus for use in acrid and able environments for wind turbines. * top efficiency. * able calefaction action due to the aluminium admixture alien anatomy and appropriate centralized structure. * low automatic abrasion action loss. * top backbone from the abnormally architectonics anatomy and actually calefaction analysis aluminium. * artist is brash application abnormally called absolute and brash to abide bane and oxidation. * brash for reliable and continued operational lifetime beneath abiding abounding output. * brash for 20-year operation life. * apparent adequate design. basic specifications: * alien anatomy absolute top acclimatized aluminium admixture with tf calefaction treatment* alien anatomy ability aluminium candid is anodised again ability antidotal for anti-corrosion protection* shaft absolute top acclimatized stainless steel* shaft abode top acclimatized skf or nsk bearing* accouterments (nuts and bolts) top acclimatized stainless steel* case assemblage top adapt cold-rolled steel* windings temperature appraisement 180 degrees celsius* allure absolute NdFeB (neodymium angled boron) * magnets temperature appraisement 150 degrees celsius* artist agreement 3 actualization brilliant affiliated AC output* assurance able of blade abbreviate appellation shorting of the windings for braking aftereffect at rated circling speed. apish 1 electrical assurance rated for blockage of electrical shocks. ## for added information, amuse acquaintance us
    Company Name : Ginlong Technologies Co., Ltd.
    Legal Representative/Business Owner : Jimmy Anderson
    Company Address : Denmark Steet
    Number of Employees : 80 to 99 Pepole
    Total Annual Sales Volume : 7
    Industry : Instrumentation
    Main direction : Sale & Buy
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             Ginlong technologies is one of the world's leading specialists in manufacturing, providing consultation and design services for a broad range of small wind turbine parts/components and systems (
    • Ginlong Technologies Co., Ltd.
    • Main Contact Person : Jimmy Anderson
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